Party-Sized Trays serves 10 to 12 guests

1. Slow Roasted Pork (Pernil Al Horno)$54/tray
2. Fried Pork Chops (Chuletas Frita)$59/tray
3. Steak w/Onions and Pepper (Bistec encebollado)$60/tray
4. Rotisserie Chicken (Pollo Rostisado)$30/tray
5. Stewed Chicken (Pollo Guisado)$40/tray
6. Fried Chicken (Chicharones de Pollo)$37/tray
7. Spinach Enchiladas (Enchiladas de Queso y Espinaca)$26/tray
8. Shrimp Ceviche (Ceviche de Camarones)$95/tray
9. Bite sized Chicken/Beef/Pizza Puff Pastries (Empanadillas)$15/tray
10. Fried Sweet Plantains (Maduros Frito)$24/tray
11. Spanish yellow rice w/ pigeon peas (Arroz con gandules)$26/tray
12. White Rice (Arroz Blanco)$24/tray
13. Pinto Beans in a blush Sauce (Habichuelas Roja)$22/tray
14. Boiled Cassava w/garlic n onions (Yuca al Mojo)$26/tray
15. Spanish style potato salad (Ensalada de Papa)$26/tray
16. Tossed Garden Salad (Ensalada Verde)$22/tray
17. Assorted 12oz Soft Drinks and bottled Water (12ps) (Sodas y Agua)$20/tray

Appetizer and Dessert Trays

1. Dinner Rolls w/ Butter (Pan con Mantequilla)$1.50/person
2. Pico de Gallo Bruschetta$2.00/person
3. Chips w/ Guacamole (Guacamole con Tortillas)$3.75/person
4. Chips w/ Salsa (Salsa Roja con Tortillas)$1.70/person
5. Garlic Shrimp (Camarones al Ajillo)$4.00/person
6. Mini Meatballs (Albondigas de Carne)$3.00/person
7. Bite sized Chicken/Beef/Pizza Puff Pastries (Empanadillas)$1.25 each
8. NY Style Cheesecake (Bisocho de Queso)$3.25/person
9. Rice Pudding (Arroz con Dulce)$2.75/person
10. Baked Custard (Flan de Vainilla)$2.75/person
11. Cake of Three Luscious Milk (Biscocho Tres Leche)$2.75/person

Popular Party Packages

1. Rotisserie Chicken (Pollo Rostisado), Spanish Yellow Rice (Arroz con Gandules), Garden Salad (Ensalada Verde)$6.95/person
2. Stewed Chicken (Pollo Guisado), White Rice (Arroz Blanco), Fried Green Plantains (Tostones)$7.25/person
3. Roast Pork (Pernil al Horno), Spanish Yellow Rice (Arroz con Gandules), Garden Salad (Ensalada Verde)$8.50/person
4. Stewed Beef (Carne Guisada), Boiled Cassava (Yuca al Mojo), Garden Salad (Ensalada Verde)$10.00/person
5. Steak With Onions and Peppers (Bistec Encebollado), White rice and beans (Arroz y Habichuelas), Fried Sweet Plantains (Maduros Frito), Potato Salad (Ensalada de Papa)$11.75/person
6. Paper Plates, Napkins, Forks & Knives$1.00/person
7. Wire Stands w/ Water Pan & 3 hours of fuel$12.00 each